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I grew up in SouthEast San Diego,Cali(619). Samoan. 28yrs young. Im blessed w/a husband & 5 children. I have a few friends but plenty of fam. Open minded to pretty much anything and everything & enjoys talkin it over. Love to Love. Loves to Laugh loud. Lives for today. Music & Poetry are my second loves. They go hand & hand, how perfect is that? What brings me here to blogspot is I love sex & everything about it. So why not share it?------> I've been interested in sex ever since I've been introduced to it. Curiousity definitely killed this cat. lol. I wasnt always so open to talk openly about it because of other people's opinions. Well Im over it. Been over it. So I decided to start a blog & although its just the beginning, Im loving it already......(mviavia@yahoo.com)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are you a nympho??

Well are you?? Being a nympho isnt to bad except that you have to do other things then just have sex all day..Unless of course its your job to have sex all day.. Boy thats alot of sex a day, shit however that works thats still alot.. I use to be somewhat of nympho until I had one to many kids && just didnt have the time to just get it crackin any and everywhere.. I remember having sex like 3-4 times in a row within a 2 hour window.. Then wanted more.. My boyfriend, which is husbad now use to be like, "damn!" Lol.. We fucked like rabbits!!.. Nympho.com
Dont get me wrong I still get my bars up baby just not all day erryday.. Whats your definition of a nympho? I mean the obvious right?? Gotta be fucked all the time &&/or you constantly have sex on your mind.. You can be at church && find something there that makes you think of sex.. Terrible right?? I swear just the thought of it sounds so exhausting but i love love love sex.. lmao..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make up sex

Wheeeeeeew!!!..Make up sex is good..I would put this in the category of ruff sex cause the pussy will be getting beat up & the dick will be getting soaked and wet..Being pissed off at one another and then ending up in the bed getting fucked is m m mmm good..The harsh words, the name calling, gettin ruffed up some(tossed,smacked up some),telling each other to shut the fuck up..OOOOH YES!!..
Then you can either stay at the fuckin tempo or go into a smooth deep sexing either way its the fuckin buisness..
I have a friend that doesn't go for make up sex just cause shes not into it..what do you think?..Or what is your experience?..Do tell..


First let me say its not bad at all if your partner isn't experienced in kinky sex..Kinky sex isn't for everyone, believe it or not..Well I would say after the first couple of times you have casual sex bring it up in nice conversation and ask your partner would they like to try something new and let them know what you like..Who doesn't wanna at least try something new?(nothing disgusting anyways)..Be comfortable with your sex partner or whoever you sexing first before busting out all the kinkyness..lmao..Now after talking it over and your partner still doesn't wanna try something new than thats on you to stick with the bland sex, cause I sure couldn't do it..I love my kinky sex & some..
Now I wasn't always kinky..I believe once I got to my third partner it was a wrap..haha..I understood everything about sex & how good it could feel..I seen how good it felt to my sex partner and from there it was on and poppin..I started off small then eventually moved onto bigger and more kinky stuff as you can see from all the topics I've shared with you..Dont get me wrong every now and again when me and mines have to have a lil quickie we do what we do to get our bars off & that sometimes is just some regular sex..Theres is absolutely nothing wrong with regular sex but not all day every day...no no no..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Craving for sex

The majority of the time when I crave sex & call me weird is when the hubbs is nowhere around..Or when he is fast asleep & I know he gotta get up for work in like 2-3hrs..Also on those special occassions when I smoke(weed) Im super horny & craving for sex..Ooh sex is so the bizz when Im on a good one..But my all time craving for sex is when I've been dicked the fuck down..Fucked like nobodys buisness & had me juice'n like crazy..Then when he gets his nut Im quivering from some bomb ass dick,yes the pussy will be yearning for more..SECONDS PLEASE!!!..I've been dicked down so good on several occassions to where I craved sex all day, now thats some great ass sex..So when do u crave sex??

Saturday, July 10, 2010

*Readers suggestion*Would you be jealous if your girl was more pleased by another girl?

LOL..Well if I was a dude I wouldn't be jealous at all I would try to get tips..Haha.
I would be so turned on in that case..Now I actually been in this situation before it was more like a 4some but me & the girl had our lil moment. Anywho I must've been doin the damn thang cause she was running from me. We say if she had claws she would've been hanging from the ceiling..LOL..Well after the fact her dude pulled her to the side and was like "damn like that?" I guess he never had her running from him while eating her pussy..Hey what can I say? I guess I was one of those females that knows what another female likes..I mean I know how i like to get my pussy ate so I do what I want done to myself..Hmm go figure..So yes it is possible for a man to get jealous over another woman..Kinda funny to me but oh well..
But Im asking ya'll this, would you be jealous if your woman was more pleased with another girl?

Friday, July 9, 2010

*Readers Suggestion*Does sex w/an ex seem better?

A friend told me that the sex is amazing with an ex but what if you have a few ex's. Well in this case she fell back twice & said one of the ex was great & the other was still the same old bland sex as before. I asked "was it worth it?" She replied "yes because the sex with the ex that was great was well worth it & the one that wasn't so great was a trip down memory lane on why she needed to step her game up." lmfao.
My opinion on the subject would be that it would all depend on the situation. I can imagine that it could be the best sex ever only because you know eachothers spots & likes. If its all familiar why wouldnt the sex be good? Now as far as it being better I couldn't really say cause the sex I have now is the bizzness & I doubt no other man could even compare to what me & mines have. But I prolly wouldn't know but please do tell if you have any experiences.

(Readers'Suggestion)Oral after Anal Sex

First off when I heard of the idea I had the most disturbing facial expression you can possibly imagine. No not kidding. Im into some kinky ass shit but this is by far as disgusting as you can get. There is no way or now how would I let a dude fuck me in the ass then turn around & want me to suck it. You just might be getting cussed smooth the hell out or damn near squared off. Really? Im so good off of this, but if you're down with shit like this more power to ya just make sure you get your check ups right after. I mean if you're willing to go this far you might as well say you eat shit. eww. lol. On a serious note, that would be a HELL TO THE NAW FOR ME!